1927 Model T 2019 Can-Am X3 Drivetrain

Key Features

Introducing “Stanley,” a remarkable 1927 Model T Rat Rod, meticulously crafted by Logan Yates here at BlackBeard Fabrication. Over 18 months, Logan transformed this classic car into a stunning blend of vintage charm and modern engineering prowess. Stanley features a custom-fabricated .120″ wall 1-3/4″ tube chassis, skillfully integrating the original Model T steps into the rock sliders. Overcoming numerous space challenges, Logan incorporated a 4-seater Can-Am suspension system with 3″ remote reservoir coilovers in the rear, and factory Can-Am front coilovers, all mounted to CA Tech Control Arms ensuring exceptional handling and ride quality.

Stanley’s impressive 113-inch wheelbase provides stability, while the dual fuel tanks hold a combined 12 gallons, ensuring longer journeys without frequent refueling. The innovative rear-mounted radiator optimizes cooling. The 2.5-inch exhaust system allows this X3 Engine to breathe while enhancing performance. The interior showcases PRP seats, providing comfort and style with ample room in a tight area. 

This Model T is not your average everyday build; it’s a testament to Logan’s dedication, creativity, and engineering expertise. From its meticulously crafted chassis to its powerful Can-Am X3 engine and drivetrain, Stanley represents the pinnacle of rat rod craftsmanship. The integration of modern technology with classic design elements makes Stanley a true masterpiece, capturing the essence of both eras in a single, awe-inspiring vehicle that can go anywhere and do anything.

Explore Stanley’s incredible journey and the challenges overcome during its creation in the full video above. Witness how Logan Yates transformed a 1927 Model T into a unique and powerful rat rod that stands out on AND off the road in the world of custom cars. 

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